Reasons You Should Paint Your Ceilings

If you haven’t asked yourself that, maybe it’s time you did. Designers consider the ceiling the “5th wall” and use it as an important aspect of their planned changes for the space. Painting the ceiling is an excellent way to tie the room in with an adjacent room to give the house a sense of flow. Using the ceiling to bring in color from other rooms compliments the design without eliminating decor.

While the ceiling may go largely unnoticed now, incorporating it into your next paint project will ensure it won’t go unnoticed for long. Zest it up with color. If that’s too bold of a move for you, paint it black. A black ceiling gives an elongating look, making the room seem larger.

Surprise Design Element
Since painting the ceiling is a new trend, this particular design element isn’t showing up in too many households, yet. When you do enter a room with a painted ceiling, the element of surprise is enough to start a conversation. It’s trending and gaining popularity because of the versatility it provides and is a complementary partner to the room’s design.

Utilizing thick, bold stripes on the ceiling will draw the eye up along the length of the room, giving the appearance it’s longer. This type of design gives a vintage feeling to it. Its classic look never goes out of style and can be modernized with paint color choices. Deep green with a butter yellow will give a 50s look, while light sandy brown with rustic red will give it a country feel. Experiment with it to find your perfect match.

Bold Creativity
Primary blue or vivid orange that mirrors other design elements in the room, such as throw pillows or shelving can give the room balance. Two very different spaces brought together with color. Use trim to create blocks for an unexpected break in color or paint the blocks you create different shades of the same color. This is especially good for children’s room, using primary colors. Blocks and toys will only reinforce the color design.

Muted Blending
Mix a small amount of white into the same color as the walls for the ceiling. You get a very popular ombre look. Slight variation in color creates a cozy blended effect but is also striking in appearance. The gradual change in color streamlines the ceiling and floor into a soft and subtle fluid look.

Start at the Top
The effect of choosing rich colors, like a rustic yellow, brightens the room. You get an open feel to it without giving a blinding effect. The creamy color flows from ceiling to floor and creates a sense of continuity. Another popular color choice is sage green. This is a great idea for beachy colors too, such as ocean blue and sandy brown.

Go Dark
If your space is small, it seems like painting the ceiling would enclose the space. Painting it a dark color actually does the opposite. Paint the walls the same dark color as the ceiling and you get a sense of more space without every detail being highlighted. This is especially effective for rooms with a low ceiling. Dark blue is a popular choice and expands your perception of the room.

Give off an air of elegance with a dramatic flair when you paint the ceiling a bluish grey and the walls a lighter but complimentary color. Frame the ceiling with white trim and hang a chandelier for an extra special touch. The bluish tint and trim on the ceiling gives the room a sophisticated style and looks like a reverse ombre with a clear line of color change.

Colorful Playfulness
Instead of going with basic blocks and variations of color, consider painting a wallpaper design. It gives the look of wallpaper without the mess of it. Extending a pattern to the ceiling could result in a very majestic and open feel. The walls will look like they are extended all through the top center of the ceiling making the room appear taller, like having a high-rise ceiling.

When It Really Matters
Stepping outside of your comfort zone and painting the ceiling could be the design element you’ve been missing, but make sure to touch up the walls too to keep the room clean and cohesive. Don’t trust just anyone with your painting project. Call the All American Painting & Construction Inc at 951 297-7750. We have experienced, professional painters who will treat your home with respect.

We have professional color consultants ready to help design your perfect space and we want to go the extra mile for you. Get a free quote today so you can have the space you’ve been dreaming about.

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