Are you ready to boost your curbside appeal with a new coat of paint? Or maybe your walls are looking a little dingy. Whether you are looking to paint the interior, or exterior of your home, we can help. A new paint job is a great way to quickly spruce up the look of a home. All American Painting will do any exterior or interior painting in your home, apartment or condo. Contact one of our helpful staff members today for a free residential painting estimate!

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The preparation process is the most important part of the painting process, for both interior and exterior paint jobs. Our preparation process is meticulous and extensive; this ensures that the paint used, will work to maximum potential, leaving a long lasting and durable product. Preparations will differ, depending on whether you are getting an interior or exterior paint job. For both, surface prep is a critical factor; we wash, scrape, putty and sand the surface before adding the primer.

Each of our team members takes pride and care when working on your home. On-the-job cleanup is a top priority. We keep our jobsites as clean as possible before, during and after each day’s work. High powered pressure washers are used to remove any overspray from the exterior property surrounding your home.

If you are getting an interior paint job done, we can arrange for your large furniture items to be moved by professionals, if necessary. We take care of everything so that you don’t have to. All you’ll need to focus on is picking the right color, and we can even help you with that too.

A new paint job is not just routine maintenance, it’s an investment. The purpose of painting is to preserve and beautify. Paint can protect surfaces from physical damage and/or corrosion, while adding color can improve the look of the house. A subtle color scheme can accent and enhance desirable architectural features on the home that may otherwise look drab. Paint can also be used to make surfaces easier to clean, or increase visibility for safety reasons.

The following is a list containing different types of maintenance and safety paints we use:

We offer our customers fair quotes and accurate contracts, with no hidden fees or costs; we don’t like to surprise our customers, unless it’s with their amazing new paint job. All fees, from materials to labor, are broken down in the contract. At All American Painting, we see relationships with our customers as an investment as well.

  • Epoxy (tile-like coatings)
  • Lead encapsulates
  • Graffiti resistant coatings
  • Fungus/Mildew resistant coatings
  • Rot-resistant coatings
  • Fire resistant
  • Rust preventative paint
  • Water resistant coatings

Residential Lead Abatement

If your home was built before 1978, the EPA requires lead abatement. Lead abatement is designed to eliminate lead-based paint hazards present in pre-1978 homes. Abatement can involve specialized techniques that are not typical of most residential contractors.

All American Painting follows all EPA requirements regarding the use of hazardous materials used while on the job.

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