Exterior painting of your home is often the last project to be completed. Why? While interior painting projects have an array of variables, they often can be controlled. Exterior painting projects are much harder to control and you must deal with much more diverse variables, such as weather, animals, and more. This makes planning and completing an exterior paint job very challenging. However, hiring a professional exterior painter, can help alleviate some of these issues and provide you with a completed project that is beautiful and exactly what you have wanted for years.

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Here are just a few reasons why your exterior painting project can get derailed:

  • Weather conditions is the number one reason why exterior painting projects get postponed and sometimes never completed. Summer, or warmer weather, is typically the time that most homeowners look to get their painting complete, and while a nice sunny day is optimal, sometimes that can be difficult to obtain. Nature does not always work on your side, and can leave a freshly painted home with weather damage. Professional painters are experienced in handling these adverse conditions and know how to proceed and protect your home.
  • Today, there are many different types of exteriors that require painting – vinyl siding, wood, brick, and many more. Each type of exterior requires some special handling, surface preparation, and specific paint. A professional exterior painter will understand how to prepare the surface, whether that entails filling cracks, power washing, or sanding, and can make recommendations on the proper paint. Completing the project with all the necessary steps will ensure a job well done, which will last for years to come.
  • With the variety of paints and paint finishes available for exterior painting today, it may be difficult to know what will work best for your home. You might purchase the wrong type of paint, paint your entire home, only then to find out that it was the wrong type – that is a very costly mistake. A professional exterior painter will know exactly what types of paint and what finishes you can use, and can help you narrow down your choices, making sure you have the right paint for the job.
  • Safety is a huge concern when completing exterior painting. Do not take the chance of falling off a ladder, hurting your shoulder from rolling a roller or swinging a brush for days – contact an experienced painter today.

No matter how big or how small your exterior paint job is, your money is better spent by leaving it to our professionals at All American Painting.