In addition to contracting full service residential and commercial jobs, All American Painting also does custom painting. Our clients count on our years of experience and insight to offer them advice on their projects. If you need a custom paint job done, we will consult with you, and figure out the best way to execute your vision.

Custom Painting
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If you can think of it, we can do it. We do custom painting that adds uniqueness and personality to your space. There are many painting techniques that our painters utilize to add custom flare your paint job. Using a “faux” painting technique can be a budget friendly solution to a more expensive painting option.

Following are types of custom paint jobs we specialize in:

  • Texture – texturizing can add the depth and tactile appeal of a fine work of art to any wall. The tiny granules make nooks and crannies that absorb and reflect complex patterns of light.
  • Checkerboard – this is a simple yet classic choice. Painted checkerboard floors and walls have been a popular design for floors for centuries. This simple idea can add space and illusion to any surface.
  • Wall Stripes – add some sophisticated style and light with subtle stripes or add contrast and flare with bold colors.
  • Color Washing – imagine the warmth and beauty of twilight, enriching the feel of any space. Color washing is a nice way to give your room an inviting feel.
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Checkerboard Paint

Faux Finishes

  • Dry Brushing – this look uses soft texture to bring a subtle accent to your walls. This is an inexpensive way to make any place feel cozy.
  • Ragging – add the effect of warm well-worn leather. Just like sponging, different effects can be added by removing the glaze with a rag or cloth.
  • Glitter – tiny bits of reflective material catch the light when you use glitter paint. It can be applied in the background to create a faint sparkle effect, or as a transparent top coat.
  • Chalkboard Paint – make a functional chalkboard wherever you want with this paint.
  • Sponging – this is easy technique can give a delicate speckled look to any wall.
  • Fine Wood Finish – while refinishing your wood is not a paint job. We do offer custom wood refinishing. We can take any type of wood give it a beautiful finish. The possibilities when choosing a wood finish are endless. There are many subtle changes you can make to change the tint, color and look of any type of wood.
  • Gilding – gilding covers a number of decorative techniques used when applying gold leaf or gold powder to a surface. Gilding can be applied to wood stone or metal. Once an item is gilded, it is describe as “gilt.”

All American Painting Services

We are known for our professional, clean, and friendly service. In essence, all of our jobs are custom since we work with each customer to suit their specific needs. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve come across all types of different jobs and acquired a wealth of knowledge. We can put that wealth of knowledge to work for you, whatever you goals may be.

Custom Paint