Subcontracting is when an organization hires some other organization to hire someone for a particular job for their company. To be a subcontractor, you must fill these requirements:

  • Own an authorized company
  • Own all the necessary certificates and licenses
  • Have contractors insurance
  • Must have all their own equipment
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Advantages of Hiring Subcontractors

The advantage of using a subcontractor is that you don’t have to provide any of your own equipment, or do payroll with individual employees. This takes the headache out of taxes, salaries and complicated spreadsheets used in employee management. All you have to do with a subcontractor is find them and hire their services. The contract agreement is decided upon before the job has begun, and the subcontractor takes care of all the rest. This way you won’t have to hassle with all the red tape involved in executing the job.


Many times, it is cheaper and more effective to subcontract your paint job, especially if it is not a regular job. Subcontracts are one-time deals; they end once the contract is up. Since the employees are handled by the subcontractor, you don’t need to worry about paying them. You don’t have to pay until the project is finished, and depending on how much work you have, it can take 2 to 3 weeks for a subcontractor to carry out a contract.

Commercial Painting Subcontractors

As a consistent commercial subcontractor, we understand the particular combination needed in order to handle different property developments, reconstruction or industrial construction. Our purpose, as one of the top competitors, is to assist you with your painting needs.

We acknowledge the significance of time and budget when it comes to painting jobs. We deliver results carefully to make sure the job meets your expectations. You can be confident that your work is in good hands, through our group of dedicated painters. Each one of our staff members has a solid history of experience, and the knowledge required to complete just about any commercial paint job.

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