Why Painting Your Stairs is a Valuable Interior Design Idea

Paint Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, it’s possible that you have a love/hate relationship with them. Stairs obviously provide a great function to a home with two or more stories, but maybe that’s all they are to you right now: functional. Stairs in a home create an amazing opportunity to incorporate some gorgeous and innovative interior design ideas. If you are settled on your interior paint colors throughout the rest of your home, it’s time to get creative with some painting ideas for your staircase.

Going Bold In order to make a bold statement with your stairs, find paint colors that are complimentary to your other interior paint colors but that may be too bold for a whole wall or room. Let’s say the entrance to your home is a soft gray with white trim but you are craving some color near the entryway. Teal or red shades perfectly compliment grays, and while they may not suit a whole room, they could be just what you need for your staircase. For a more modern look, paint your stairs black and/or white.

Making a Statement Your stairs can be a fun place to make a literal statement if you’re ready for something bold. Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you? Or maybe your staircase leads up to a playroom or your children’s bedrooms. Use the face of your stairs to paint some powerful words that you, your family and your guests can read each day.

Best of Both Worlds For those of you who love the idea of a painted staircase but still want the warmth and traction of carpet, a stair runner is right for you. You can still paint your stairs any way you choose, but add a stair runner to the middle. That way the color is not too overwhelming, and you have an extra soft foothold for comfort and safety.

Even if you love a DIY project, painting your stairs may require a professional painter. There are many steps involved, such as stripping, sanding, and painting, plus prep work. All American Painting & Construction Inc, is ready to give you a free estimate on your next interior painting project.