What is the Best Looking Paint Finish for Interior Walls?

Paint Finish

You probably think that once you have chosen the perfect color for a room, it is clear sailing. Unfortunately, you would be wrong, because you still need to pick from the different paint finishes. Picking the wrong one could ruin your entire project, but luckily for you, we have a concise guide to choosing the right finish below.

Matte Finish

This kind of finish is excellent if you need to disguise cracks, bumps, or other imperfections on a surface, because matte finish doesn’t reflect light. It is best used on ceilings as well as living room, bedroom, and dining room walls; it should not be used in the kitchen or bathroom. While matte finish paints are easy to touch up, they can be difficult to clean.

This is a low-sheen finish, which makes it ideal for bedroom or living room walls. Just imagine the extremely low sheen that comes from the shell of an egg, and you should be able to determine how an eggshell finish will appear. Because it only provides a subtle hint of shine, it holds up much better to cleaning than a matte finish paint. It is very washable and is also easy to touch up. You should not use a paint with an eggshell finish in a high-traffic area, such as a hallway, because it is delicate and is easy to mess up.

Paints with a satin finish offer a gorgeous velvety appearance and can look stunning when used correctly. It is best applied to windows, trim, doors, or ceilings, though it can be used as a wall paint too. Satin finish paint is excellent for woodwork, the kitchen, laundry room, children’s bedrooms, or any other high-traffic areas. It is designed to hold up well against cleaning and gentle scrubbing, though touching it up is difficult because the change in sheen becomes very apparent.

This type of finish is another popular choice for mouldings and trim, along with cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens. It is very easy to clean and manages to leave a nice shine without being overly garish. You can trust semi-gloss with the aforementioned surfaces because it is resistant to humidity and also stands firm against chipping and stains. It is very durable and is by far the best finish when it comes to scrubbing resistance. One problem with semi-gloss is that touch-ups are not easy to perform because the difference in sheen is quite easily noticed.

This is a very shiny finish — to the point where it is almost reflective. Indeed, the shiny finish resembles the look of plastic or enamel. Though you won’t spot glossy finish paints on many home interiors, it is commonly used to provide a dramatic look on furniture and trim. It is a very durable finish and perfect for extremely smooth surfaces; it is also the easiest of all finishes to clean. However, careful preparation is needed, particularly sanding the surface, because imperfections are magnified when a glossy finish is used.