Top Reasons to Paint Your Garage Floor

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  • It keeps your garage and your cars cleaner. Did you know that a solid majority of the dust on your car, workbench, garage walls, and storage items comes from the concrete your garage floor is made from? Concrete that has not been coated with anything slowly breaks down into small dust particles that get kicked up any time you walk, drive, or sweep over it! Once it’s knocked into the air, it settles anywhere it can find the space. Painting over the concrete can prevent this dust from being kicked up and coating everything inside the garage!
  • It’s easier to keep clean. All it takes to clean up a garage floor is a dust mop. Since the concrete will no longer be distributing dust to go around the garage, there will be much less dirt and dust settling on the garage floor.
  • It will keep the inside of your home cleaner. If you park your car in the garage and then enter your home, the concrete’s dust has already set into the pores in your shoes. With a coat of paint protecting the floor, your shoes will absorb less grime and filth. That means less mopping and sweeping inside!
  • It can protect your floor. With a solid investment in a quality paint finish and type, you can make your garage floor resistant to oil stains, mold, mildew, water, and chemicals. This means you can wipe up anything you need without worrying about a stain. Even the harsher spills can usually be cleaned right up with a cleaning agent.
  • It will brighten your garage. Bare concrete absorbs light and makes garages look darker. With a coat of paint, this light is reflected and can really brighten the garage. This is useful for anyone who uses this space as a workshop.
  • It looks great! One of the top reasons we paint any space we live in is because we want to improve the appearance. More and more people these days are beginning to use their garages as more than just a place to store their cars. Transform your garage into a place you can be proud of!