Three Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

Paint Mistakes

Choosing paint colors for your Riverside County home may be more challenging than you think. There seem to be an infinite number of choices these days. After returning from your local paint store, your walls may become covered in new paint swatches. Plus, paint companies are coming out with new colors every year to add to the list of color considerations.

Fortunately, painting a room is the easiest interior design fix we have. But since you may not want to paint, and then repaint, All American Painting & Construction Inc, has compiled a short list of common mistakes people make when choosing interior paint colors. Avoid these, and your paint job will go smoothly.

Choosing a color based only on the paint swatch
Have you seen how tiny those paint swatches are? Choosing a color for a whole room based on a tiny square of color is a common mistake. The true color of paint can only really be seen when it is in your room and in a larger quantity.
Test out the color in the room you will be painting. If you do not want to have patches of paint color all over your walls, paint some poster board with your favorite colors. This allows you to move the color around and see how it looks on each wall and in different lighting depending on the time of day.

Painting the room with no other decor in mind
Many designers recommend choosing furnishings and fabrics prior to selecting paint colors. If you can get a few staple pieces in place before painting, choosing the right color will be much easier.
Once you have those large pieces of furniture in place, you can find the paint color that will complement those. Accessories like pillows and curtains can be chosen last. These remaining decorative pieces will tie the room together and can be changed out more frequently since they are less expensive.

Thinking all color is created equal
Let’s say you’re certain beyond a doubt that you want to paint your bedroom gray. Don’t assume that any gray will do. Grays, along with any other color, can vary greatly. There are pale grays with blue undertones, green-grays, and beige-grays, just to name a few.
Choosing a general color is your first step. The next step is to try out many different shades in the room. Test out swatches in the room to see how each looks with your furniture and lighting.

Whether you’re starting out small and just painting your entryway or taking on the project of painting every room in your home, All American Painting & Construction Inc, has color consultants to help you choose the best colors for each room. Once the colors are chosen, things get much easier. We have professional painters who will get any job, big or small, completed in a timely and professional manner.