The Different Types of Interior Paint and How to Choose the Best Type for Your Home

Interior Paint

There is an incredible range of choice of interior paints for anyone looking to decorate their home. With so many options, knowing which type of paint is the best one for your decorating project is easier said than done.

Therefore, taking the time to research the different types of interior paint will make choosing the best type for your home so much easier. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Water-Based Paint

Most wall paints are a type of water-based paint, where water is used as the main binder of the paint. Acrylic and latex are water-based paints, and this type is the best for painting most types of walls.

It dries quickly and has very low toxic emissions, while the color tends to last well into the future without yellowing. Given its popularity, there are a huge range of colors and finishes available in water-based paints, so finding the right style should be easy enough.

2. Oil-Based Paint

A more robust option, oil-based paint is great for achieving a durable finish with an eye-catching glossy touch. Rather than using water to bind the paint, this uses oils such as alkyd or linseed, with the former being a much more affordable binder.

As an older type of paint, it’s not as popular as it once was, namely due to its costlier price and longer drying time. However, many homes continue to use this type of paint, especially for achieving a glossy finish.

Doors, floors, and various types of furniture often look better with oil paint thanks to its durability, while the glossy finish tends to be more popular in these areas.

3. Primer

Available in both oil and water-based paints, primers act as a base coat of paint for unpainted walls and ceilings. By using it on the relative surface (i.e. wood, plaster, metal) it prevents paint soaking into the surface when decorating.

4. Paint Finishes

The sheen or finish of interior paint varies from each manufacturer, with many options available for each.

Matte – The best type of interior paint for walls and ceilings, matte offers a non-reflective finish with a smooth texture. It’s great for hiding any imperfections present on the wall, and there are variations such as the more durable and easier to clean matte enamel.

Gloss – Another very common paint finish and one that’s ideal for walls, gloss paint offers a high sheen and very durable finish. Being highly reflective, some prefer to use it less prominently, such as for woodwork features. Works very well in pale colors, although imperfections are clearly visible with gloss paint finishes.

Satin – Offers a nice amount of sheen without being too glossy. Satin is typically used for woodwork, while the silk variation is popular for walls. Easily cleaned, it makes a fine choice for kitchens, although satin and silk finishes don’t hide imperfections as well as a matte finish does.

Eggshell – As the name suggests, this paint finish resembles the surface of an eggshell. This means it’s got less of a sheen compared to satin/silk finishes, often falling in-between this and matte finishes. Looks fantastic on woodwork, offering a classic and elegant finish with a subtle sheen.

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