The Benefits of Exterior Commercial Painting

Commercial Exterior Painting

There are countless benefits to repainting your business. The look of your facility’s exterior sends a powerful signal. Customers prefer a friendly, aesthetically pleasing business. Just by updating your business with attractive colors and displaying pride in your well maintained property, you can attract more customers and generate more referrals.

Employee morale, retention, and productivity are directly influenced by their visual surroundings. Industry journals regularly cite the value of clean, bright workplaces. A new coat of paint will lead to higher spirits than a dull environment, and a new paint job will pep up employees before they even step inside. Think of other small businesses in town you respect, major retailers, or modern office spaces – successful businesses create a positive environment, including a facility that employees can take pride in.

There are also immediate economic benefits to facility maintenance. If two identical buildings differing only in condition and aesthetics of paint and landscaping are appraised, the more attractive building will receive a higher value and command higher rents from more desirable tenants. In addition to the income generated by a freshly painted building, there are also savings generated by regular maintenance. It is less costly to perform regular maintenance than it is to enact costly repairs when the building inevitably deteriorates, so it’s well worth finding room in your budget.

Picture your building looking better than it’s looked in years. Then picture neighboring businesses taking note of the improvement in your facility, and deciding to match your effort. Soon the drive to work will be a bit more pleasant. Your employees are a bit happier. Your customers enjoy stopping by just a bit more, and may even mention you to their friends.

If you’re interested in investing in a commercial paint job, let the pros at ALL American Painting & Construction Inc, discuss your project. We’ll guide you through the process and provide a free quote.