The 3 Stages Professionals Use in the Cabinet Refinishing Process

Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment

Refinishing cabinets is an easy and affordable alternative to refacing them. If your kitchen cabinets haven’t sustained any real damage and are only starting to show their age, then the best solution would be to refinish them. Refinishing will also give them a whole new look without costing you too much, as cabinet refinishing jobs cost only a fraction of replacing the cabinets entirely.

Following are 3 stages professionals use in the cabinet refinishing process:

Stage 1: Taking the cabinets off the hinges

Taking the cabinets off the hinges is the first stage professionals use when you hire them for the refinishing job. This stage is relatively easier as compared to other stages, but it is an important one because refinishing them while they are still hanging would be nearly impossible and may lead to undesired results such as accidently incurring some damage to various parts of the cabinets, having the finishing liquids drip down and taint your countertops or floor, etc. That’s why most professionals always take the cabinets off the hinges before doing anything else.

Stage 2: Sanding

Once the cabinets are off the hinges, refinishing professionals start to sand them. Most professionals use a mechanical sander, however sanding paper or sanding block can also be used for this. To ensure the smoothest results possible, sanding is done with fine-grit paper. A higher grade may be essential if you have several layers of paint already on the cabinets. There is a risk of getting wood chips in the eyes or mouth, that’s why professionals wear a mask and safety glasses. So you should do the same if you are refinishing your cabinets yourself. Getting rid of the previous finish could take some time.

Stage 3: Painting

Refinishing the kitchen cabinets is the next and the final stage after everything is sanded. There are two main choices here: either use paint or a finishing stain. It depends on your preference. To make sure that there are no previous stains or damage shown through the paint, most professionals apply a coat of primer. For the paint option, oil-based paint is widely used instead of latex because it tends to dry harder and is better to the touch in the long run.


Once all three stages of the cabinet refinishing process are completed and the cabinet doors are on the hinges where they belong, you can consider your cabinet refinishing project successfully finished. While refinishing cabinets may be a bit more difficult than having to reface them completely, it is relatively cheaper which makes it definitely worth it. The time and effort required to successfully refinish your cabinets can be rather daunting, but when you take a look at your cabinets looking like brand new and realize that you didn’t have to pay a significant amount to achieve this, you will feel great. That’s why it is highly recommended that you hire professionals to have your cabinets refinished so that you can get the best possible results without going through any hassles.

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