School Colors Make for a Novel Way to Decorate Kids’ Rooms

School Colors

Every parent knows that kids’ rooms need frequent repainting, but the project doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun when you find creative ways to involve school colors!

Do-it-yourself painting is most rewarding when you devise color schemes that have personal meaning. What could be more meaningful than finding a novel way to support and encourage your child’s interest in school studies and sports?

If you’re fortunate, the traditional colors of the school or college your youngster attends will be inherently attractive enough to make for a nice paint scheme on walls and woodwork. When that’s the case, you can immerse him or her in school colors.

There are a variety of ways to proceed. You might apply one color to the walls, the other to the trim. Or, apply the color you like best to three of the walls, reserving the other hue for an accent wall. You can be ambitious and apply school colors in alternating stripes on one or several walls. Or, you can paint a paneled “school spirit” door in a colorful pattern.

But those who have the authority to select school colors (regents, supervisors, and the like) are not always considerate when it comes to design. Some school colors look much better at a pep rally than in a pupil’s bedroom or den. Even then, you have options:

Perhaps the best course of action is to paint just a single item of furniture in the school colors. That’s a way to pay homage to the home team, without completely compromising your esthetic.

Applying school colors to a desk or study area serves as a subliminal reminder that books matter more than basketball, baseball, or baton twirling. And, should your youngster decide to move on campus, the colorful desk could also go to the dorm, where the piece will find itself completely at home.

If you’re the type who just can’t see the school colors as part of your decor, you can “take it outside” – no, not by fighting over things with your youngster, but by regaling outdoor furniture with the proud colors of the institution your son or daughter is attending.

There are many other possibilities, too: Painting the mailbox, where acceptance letters and report cards will make their appearance; painting a fence in alternating colors to delineate your yard as school “turf”; or hoisting a painted banner in celebration of acceptance, graduation, or just a happy expression of pride in one’s school.

Regardless of the way you employ school colors in or around your home, opting to paint them somewhere may offer a hidden benefit: With a small amount of coaxing, you just might convince your youngster to do the painting, sparing you the effort.

Now, that’s a grand idea!