Mistakes to Avoid for Exterior Painting

It seems so simple—you use the brush to apply the paint to the wall. Anyone should be able to paint a house, right? But exterior painting is much more complex than you think. Plus, with the elements beating on the outside, you want to make sure that protective layer of paint is applied properly. Here are some common mistakes that homeowners make when painting their home and how you can avoid them on your exterior project.


Although you’re likely anxious to get started on your exterior painting project, you need to do a little prep work, namely putting covers around the area you’ll be painting. Even if you do your best to be careful, the ground, landscaping, or other surfaces can easily get drips, spills, or splatters on them. It’s a quick way to ruin the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve on the outside of your home.


At first glance, it would make sense to start painting where you can easily reach, right? Wrong! While you’re painting, you need to consider the law of gravity. If you start at the bottom of the surface, you run the risk of drips running down over your perfectly painted wall as you work your way up. In contrast, starting from the top allows you to catch and correct drips for a seamless, even result.


The wrong time to start thinking about painting your exterior is after you’ve noticed chipping, peeling, or failing paint. Keep a close eye on your exteriors and make sure that the old paint remains intact. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend significant time removing the failing paint before you can think about starting a new paint job.


If you’re inexperienced with exterior painting, you can quickly become overwhelmed. You don’t need to add in the stress of learning a new skill on surfaces that everyone who ever passes your house on the street will see. Instead, you can turn to the experts at All American Painting to handle the entire process from beginning to end. That way, you know the results will look flawless. Plus, with someone else taking on the stress of the project, you’ll have much more time to tackle other household chores or even relax and enjoy family time together.

Ultimately, when your project is over, you want your guests to admire your home’s exteriors. When you hire an experienced painting company like All American Painting to paint your home, you don’t have to wonder whether it has been done correctly. With us, you’re sure to get results you’ll love for years to come.

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