Keep The Paint Touched Up in These 3 Areas to Keep Your Homeowner’s Association Happy

HOA Upgrade

While a homeowner’s association has many responsibilities for upkeep around the neighborhood, they are not responsible for everything, especially when it comes to the physical appearance of your home. Homeowners need to take care of some things to keep up a pleasant home exterior appearance. One of these tasks includes touching up some areas of the house to keep the home looking fresh and new. It is usually pretty affordable to do this, and also very quick to do as long as you don’t let too much time go by in between touch ups. In this way, you will freshen up the old color and keep your homeowner’s association happy.

Following are 3 areas of the house you should touch up:

1. Doors

Doors are an important component of your home’s exterior that can be touched up to keep your homeowner’s association happy. Doors are the most handled part of a home. While keeping all the doors of your house looking freshly painted is difficult, occasionally touching them up with paint will prevent them from becoming completely unpresentable.

2. Exterior Walls

When it comes to the exterior of the house, walls take high priority for touch up. You can retrieve various samples from your local paint store if you are having trouble deciding on a tasteful color. Do this job carefully as this touch up will affect the entire appearance of your house. Be as stylish or subtle as you want by selecting a soft white or a deep earth tone, of course with the approval of your HOA!

3. Some Other Parts of Your Home’s Exterior

Another major part of your home’s exterior is your roof awnings which will need a little touch up eventually. By switching to a new shade or touching up the old color, you will notice a big difference in the overall impression your home’s appearance makes. Shutters are another part of your home’s exteriors that are quick and easy to freshen up with a paint job. You can recover any damage with a proper touch up, no matter what condition they may be in, chipped or rusted. It is better to fix the problem before it escalates because painting damaged shutters can be very difficult.

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