Interior Painting: Is There a Wrong Way to Paint a Wall?

Interior Painting

They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (We’re not sure who “they” are, but they sure came up with a horrible metaphor!). If you talk to a variety of house painters, you’ll also discover that the same is true of interior painting. Each painter has his or her own specific tricks and preferences that they use to produce exceptional results. Maybe we can update the phrase to say, “There’s more than one way to paint a wall!”

Just because there are several good methods for painting a wall, however, does not mean that every method is equally valid. After all, there are some really bad methods that will definitely produce unpleasant results. We’ll describe a couple of them, and help you make sure you can avoid them.

If you just walk up to a wall and start painting it, you can count on having problems. Any holes or flaws in the surface will show right through the new paint, spoiling the effect. Even worse, there is likely to be dust, lint, dirt, and hair on the wall. You may not see these, but once they come in contact with the wet paint, they show up clearly!

Prevention tip: Always wash an interior wall prior to painting it, and take the time to repair surface damage such as dents and scrapes.

A good painter will work efficiently, but he or she will never rush. When you rush, you tend to create all sorts of problems. First, a rushed paint job will get paint in all kinds of places it doesn’t belong. Splatters, drips, splashes and tiny flecks of paint have a habit of landing everywhere. Also, the lines at your edges and corners will not be straight if you rush. Finally, a rushed paint job usually ends up leaving thin or patchy areas, where the original color shows through.

Prevention tip: Take your time, plan each step methodically, and remind yourself that an amazing finished product is worth the extra time investment.

Whether you are painting a room yourself, or you hire a local painting company, the materials cost is only a small part of your investment. The time for the labor is really where the cost is, either your own time or that of the professional. It simply doesn’t make sense to try to save $20 on paint and end up with inferior results that you will live with for years.

Sometimes people make this mistake by using a low-quality paint. These budget paints provide poor coverage, meaning the old color may show through, and the new color will not be consistent and clear. Also, low-quality paints do not last as long, being more prone to scuffs and stains, and less resilient to washing. Homeowners also make this mistake when they try to get away with one coat, when two coats are necessary. Imperfect coverage and a shorter lifespan are the results.

Prevention tip: Purchase a higher-end paint that is well-suited for the type of room you will use it in, and make sure you use enough coats for thorough coverage.

The best way to avoid costly and regrettable mistakes with interior painting is to hire a reputable professional painter. All American Painting has been serving clients throughout the Murrieta Valley area since 2006, providing excellent customer service and beautiful painting results. Call us or contact us online for a free house painting estimate. We look forward to meeting you!