How to Choose Kids’ Room Paint Themes

Temecula Painter

Kid bedrooms are the perfect canvas for creativity. You can go whimsical, themed, cute, or even sophisticated. Rules are more lax for decorating in a kid’s bedroom, and imagination rules. Keep these thoughts in mind when choosing a theme for your child’s bedroom.

Your Child Will Grow up
When decorating boundaries are loosened in a kid’s bedroom, you may be tempted to throw caution to the wind in your decorating decisions. Pirate themed, from floor to ceiling? Don’t jump too fast! Remember: your child will grow (and faster than you think). Keep the future in mind, and decorate in a way that will allow your child to grow with the room. For example, if you’re going with a pirate theme, keep the walls a neutral blue that can remain as a steady backdrop as bedding and accessories change.

What Does Your Child Want?
Let your child be a part of the decision-making process as well. You may have to gently guide some outlandish ideas back to Earth, but when you can incorporate their passions and ideas, they’ll enjoy their space even more.

Don’t Forget to Budget
When involving your child, take care to explain the concept of money. Children will have big ideas that just won’t be possible on every budget. When including your child in the plans, guide them to less-expensive ideas. If a coveted castle bed is out of your price range, help your child choose the bed colors for wall paint colors instead.

Bonus: This process will help your child learn the value of money.

Think Balanced
It’s easy to go overboard and create too much of a good theme. You can’t wait for your child to giggle with glee over the horse theme that covers the room from floor to ceiling. But think in balanced ways. Your child may become overwhelmed with too much going on. Choose a mural or themed wallpaper for only one wall, while using neutral colors on other walls. If your accessories are extreme, tone down the paint design.

Murals add so much depth and interest to a room, and a kid’s room is the perfect place to let your imagination run a little bit. As with all things involved when decorating a child’s room, remember again that your child will grow. Perhaps choose a mural for a nursery if you know you’ll have more than one child to use the room when young. Or choose a mural for an older child’s room that can grow with your child. Winnie the Pooh might not stand the test of time for your child, but a mural depicting your child’s favorite scenery could.

How to Narrow Down the Paint Colors
So your child’s favorite color is orange. Should you splash that on all four walls and ceiling of her room? Probably not. Color psychology is real, and because orange is an energizing color, it may make your child literally bounce off her orange-colored walls when it’s time to settle down and go to sleep.

The challenge, then, becomes choosing a color that is soothing enough for rest but light enough for playful fun that every child needs. Blue, green, and off-white are often soothing, but neutral enough that they can be dressed up or down for your child’s room theme. loves to help customers choose the right paint colors for every room of the house, including fanciful, whimsical, exciting kids’ rooms. Give us a call at (888) 301-PROS, or contact us online for a free consultation.