How to Choose a Color Pallette for Your Home

Color Pallette

Choosing the color palette for your home can trip up many a homeowner. How do you make a room look effortlessly beautiful? How do you choose colors you’ll love? How do you know if the colors you love will work well together? Use these expert design tips for choosing a color palette in your home.

Think of Your Whole Home

Remember to think about the palette for your whole home, not just for one room. A simple way to keep the palette consistent throughout your home is to keep your palette to five colors:

1. A white — Use the same white for moldings, doors, walls, ceilings, etc.
2. A neutral — Tan, gray, blue… this is a simple color that you’ll use for hallways, sofas, walls, and anywhere you need a neutral.
3. Your chosen color — Pick a color you absolutely love.
4. A coordinating color that goes with your chosen color.
5. One more coordinating color.

This is an excellent guideline for beginning. You can always add more color as time goes on, but this is a safe way to create a base you’ll love. It also helps your home flow from room to room, creating a nice sense of peace and balance.

Think Big
Look to the largest colorful pattern in your room. Is it a piece of art? A furniture piece? A rug? Take the colors you really love from that item to use throughout your room. Look closely at the whites and beiges in the pattern for inspiration for a neutral wall color.

Think Outside
Look outside, and notice the color values and where they are. Dark grass is at the ground, medium-valued trees and plants are mid-level, and the sky is lighter. If you do this in your decorating as well, the room will naturally look put together. Choose dark colors for the floor, medium-value colors for the walls, and light colors on the ceiling.

Think of Who You Are

Sometimes, rules are made to broken. The above suggestions will help any space come together, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow them religiously. Put your personality into your space. That honesty will be genuine, and will reflect as a well-designed room you love.

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