Give Your Entryway a Boost with Interior Paint

Entryway Painting

While the exterior of your home is truly your home’s first impression, your entryway is a strong, close second. An inviting and welcoming entryway makes a big impact on visitors. There are several ways to update your entryway that make the impression you want it to make. Below are some recommended techniques from All American Painting & Construction Inc.

Wall colors should work well with the rest of your interior paint colors and flow nicely from your exterior house color. Entryways vary significantly in size from home to home. You may have a large entryway with high ceilings or maybe your entryway is smaller with a simple accent table to welcome your guests. No matter the size, wall paint is an ideal way to give your entryway a boost.

If you’re not in love with the current color of your entryway, consider a dramatic change. Maybe you have a small, white entryway. While that’s a safe color, it may feel a little stark depending on the rest of your decor. To create a more welcoming space, go for a deep gray or blue. Deep, rich colors in a small space creates a cozy environment.

If your entryway is too dark, go bold with a bright and rich red. Since there are so many hues to choose from, find one that really strikes you. That may be a bright cherry red, or you may lean towards a berry color. Either way, a red entryway will make a bold statement.

If you have a large entryway with tall ceilings, white really can be a dramatic paint color in such a large space. But you also have the freedom to play around with color a bit more than you would with a smaller area. Navy blue or charcoal gray with white trim makes for an equally peaceful and beautiful welcome.

Many entryways lead right into a beautiful staircase. Painting your staircase is a valuable interior design idea that will draw a guest’s eye towards the rest of your home while creating interest within your entryway.

Lastly, don’t forget that this space is a fun place to be a little more creative. Striped walls let visitors know that this is a house where they’ll have fun. A gallery of antique mirrors looks beautiful on almost any paint color. And don’t forget the ceiling. Painting your ceiling several shades lighter than your walls makes your home look polished.

When your Riverside County,  area home is ready for some fresh paint colors, our color consultants and professional painters at All American Painting & Construction Inc. are ready to bring your entryway to life. Contact us today.