Get More Organized with These 5 Storage Tips for Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas Storage

Christmas time offers plenty of festive fun, but one of the few setbacks of the holiday season is packing away all those Christmas decorations once the holiday is over. Decorations like ornaments, tinsel, Christmas lights, wreaths, and all manner of Christmas themed trinkets take quite some time to put away, which can often be quite stressful!

However, taking the time to prepare for storing Christmas decorations always makes the process easier. In fact, you may even find that the better organized your decorations are the easier they will be to setup next year!

Get more organized with these 5 storage tips for your Christmas decorations:

1. Clear containers are well worth the investment

Perhaps the biggest tip for neatly organizing Christmas decorations is clear plastic containers. Available in a variety of sizes, their transparency makes organizing so much easier, while they can easily be stacked to help save space.

The lids ensure all your decorations remain well protected throughout the year, even if there is an accidental leak or flood in your garage or basement.

2. Organize ornaments with egg cartons

All those delicate tree ornaments are one of the hardest items to store safely.

To ensure they are protected and well organized, consider using empty egg cartons to store all the baubles and other ornaments. Place the carton into a secure container and they are safe, secure, and well organized for next year.

If you don’t have enough egg cartons to spare, consider using plastic cups to hold a few ornaments, stacking them together in a large container for compact storage.

3. Hang wreaths in a wardrobe or clothing rack

For anyone that wants their wreath to look lovely each year, it’s a good idea to hang them in any free closet space you have. Cover it with a plastic bag to ensure it’s protected and then hang it where you have some space.

If you have a quite a few wreaths, consider buying a cheap clothes rack and hang them there – it helps to keep them in good condition and can fit into a garage, basement, or loft.

4. Use clear food bags for simple yet neat organization

Food bags are one of the best kept secrets when it comes to storing Christmas decorations. Cheap and readily available, they can be used to organize all your decorations into different categories, whether it’s by color, size, or type.

It keeps stuff together with relative ease, and when placed in a clear container or other form of storage, they remain well protected and organized. Grab a permanent marker and start labeling them for even better organization.

5. Wraps lights around cards

You likely have plenty of spare cards leftover from various gifts, so be sure to make use of them for storing your Christmas lights. It is so easy to wrap the lights around them, saving the hassle of detangling them later down the line.

Better still, write notes on the card to let yourself know if any lights aren’t working and may need to be replaced!

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