Exterior Painting – 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Exterior Painter

Painting the exterior of your home can be a fun and exciting project! However, there are some mistakes that can really take the fun out of your DIY work, leaving you with some regrets. In the interests of helping you achieve the best house painting results, here are four tips for avoiding common painting mistakes.

You need to thoroughly cover and protect the area around where you are painting. This vital step is too often skipped or rushed because people are impatient to begin the actual house painting. This can lead to drips, splatters, and spills ending up in places you definitely don’t want them!

You will need to cover the ground around where you are painting, as well as any nearby bushes, plants, or fences. Remember, though, that you don’t want to leave plants covered for too long, because they could be smothered by a tarp or plastic. Also, if there are any outlets or light fixtures, they should be covered with painter’s tape and plastic.

Always start painting from the top and work your way down. That way, when there are drips or runs you can fix them as you move downwards. You need to correct drips or splashes quickly by brushing or rolling them smooth, otherwise, they will dry that way and new paint will not cover them up.

If your paint has already started to fail, then there is a lot more preparation required; you need to remove all the failing paint before you can apply new exterior paint. Therefore it is best to paint before the old paint is peeling or cracking, avoiding the extra time and effort of dealing with failed paint.

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