Deciding Between Using A Brush Or Paint Sprayer For Your Home

Paint Sprayer

It is time to paint your house. You need to paint it as fast as possible and have it dry as fast as possible as well. You have got two options; paint with the conventional brush, or use a paint sprayer. If you are finding it hard to decide, here are some comparisons between the two.

Time Spent Painting

A paint sprayer uses less time than the conventional brush painting. When painting using a brush, you can only paint the surface area that is in contact with the wall. On the other hand, a paint sprayer can spread paint particles over a larger surface area. One swing with a paint sprayer can be equal to several strokes of brushing. By using a paint sprayer, painting of a standard size wall can take a few minutes. On the other hand, using a brush can take even ten times the amount of time spent by the sprayer.

The Amount of Effort Used to Paint

Since paint spraying is faster, it goes without saying that it requires less effort. Less strokes are used when compared to brush painting and this translates to less strain.

Amount of Paint Used

Surprisingly, brush painting uses less paint than paint spraying. This is because, in order to get a thick enough coat of paint, you have to repeat the process more with a paint sprayer than a brush. A brush is more consistent in its thickness and in order to achieve the same consistency with a paint sprayer, you have to go over the same spot a number of times.

Preparation Time

While the actual painting is faster, setting up to spray paint takes longer and requires more equipment. Brush painting simply requires you to have the brush and the paint.


A paint sprayer will allow you to easily reach those tight and hidden spots of the house more than a brush. However, a brush allows for more fluid mobility. You can only spray paint as far as the cable extends. Going further will mean moving a fair amount of equipment. Brush painting will only involve moving the paint can which is easier.


Paint spraying can give an overall better finish to the painting. This is because there is hardly any extra contact between the wall and the paint. In the case of brush painting, there is the risk of having brush marks on the wall. Also, changes in the direction of the painting are easily noticed when using a brush. The painter has to be extremely careful to avoid this from happening. Spray painting, on the other hand, does not explicitly indicate the direction of the painting.

Getting the Best of Both

You can decide to maximize on the best of both these techniques. You can use the sprayer on edges and hard to reach places, thereby saving some time. You can then use the brush to paint on the broader surfaces that require a lot of mobility. Likewise, since painting requires several coats, you can use the sprayer to set the foundation and then use the brush for the final layer. It’s all up to your own preference.

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