Choosing the Best Interior Paint Sheen

Paint Sheen

Whether you’re painting one room or your whole house, choosing interior paint colors is a daunting task, even to the most decisive person. Furthermore, if you are living with a spouse, children, or roommates, there may be many strong opinions about paint colors flying around. But let’s say you have finally chosen your color. You love it. It’s time to buy your paints and get the job going, but there’s one more decision: sheen.

As if choosing your house colors was not a hefty enough task, you now have to decide just how shiny you want that perfect shade of gray in your living room to be. Individual paint brands will have their own name for each grade of sheen, but All American Painting & Construction Inc.  is here to give you the basics and hopefully take away a little bit of that anxiety when it’s time to choose from flat all the way to high gloss on your walls.

High Gloss
High Gloss paints are not the best choices for your interior walls, but they do have their place. Since high gloss finishes are easy to clean and reflect light well, this sheen is perfect for trim, doorways, doors, and even kitchen cabinets. Since many hands will be touching all of these surfaces, using a high gloss sheen will help you in your daily cleanup.

Semi Gloss
Semi gloss paints are almost as durable as high gloss and also very easy to clean. They can be another great choice for trim, doors, cabinets, etc. Semi gloss may win out over high gloss if cost is an issue. Generally, the more sheen you add to a paint, the more it costs per gallon.

Eggshell or Satin
These are probably the two terms that we are all most familiar with. This really is the middle ground and the best sheen for most of your interior painting. The sheen makes it easy to clean, but will show brush or roller marks more easily than flatter paint. The texture will be smooth and create a beautiful depth in the room.

Flat or Matte
Flat paints may be good for rooms where there is less traffic. When a wall is painted in a flat sheen, it will be more challenging to clean. So this is not the ideal sheen for your kitchen or a child’s bedroom or playroom. Flat paints can be a great option for ceilings.

When you are ready to start on your home painting projects, let All American Painting & Construction Inc, help you choose your color, sheen, and tackle your paint job efficiently.