Cabinet Refinishing Has Become So Popular for These 4 Reasons

Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment

As one of the busiest rooms in a home, the kitchen tends to suffer more wear and tear than any other room. Kitchen cabinets are an inexpensive investment, and even the best products are going to depreciate over time.

One of the simpler ways to breathe life back into a drab kitchen unit is to refinish the cabinets. Rather than replacing or refacing (when you replace the doors but keep the rest of the unit), many people are deciding to refinish their cabinets instead.

This process involves removing the current paint and stain of the cabinet and replacing it with something new. Let’s take a closer look at why cabinet refinishing has become so popular in recent years:

1. Money Saver

The most obvious reason people are choosing to refinish rather than replace their kitchen cabinets is the money it saves. Investing in an entirely new kitchen unit is never cheap, sometimes costing several thousand dollars.

In contrast, refinishing is a very affordable procedure. Compared to an entire kitchen remodel, the cost of cabinet refinishing is night and day, which is why so many budget-savvy people are choosing to refinish rather than replace.

2. Convenience

Not only is refurbishing a kitchen very expensive, it is incredibly time-consuming. Refinishing is a much more straight-forward process, taking a fraction of the time that a refurbishment does. There is far less disruption to the home, which has helped make refinishing so popular in recent years.

Even replacing the cabinet doors (known as refacing) takes longer than refinishing them, so anyone looking for a convienent solution needn’t look further than cabinet refinishing. Your kitchen looks new and refreshed with nowhere near the same amount of effort needed to refurbish it.

3. Plenty of Style Options

Refinishing involves stripping away the paint and varnish of cabinets and replacing them with something newer. It makes it easy to add new colors or stains to your kitchen cabinets, and there is often more choices than you would have buying something new.

For instance, there are endless options for refinishing cabinets, with many different paints and stains available. This makes it easier to find a suitable style to fit with your current décor, and the sheer number of options has helped make refinishing even more popular.

Simply put, if you plan on redecorating your kitchen, you’ll have more choices for your cabinets if you choose to refinish them.

4. Refinished Cabinets Last

Choosing to refinish cabinets is an affordable investment, especially when you consider just how long it lasts. When done professionally, refinished cabinets will last for several years without much issue.

This helps them to look brand new but also last much longer than they would if left untreated. The process used during refinishing ensures that the doors don’t just look new, but are also well-protected from wear and tear.

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