By Using These 4 Techniques, Professional Painters Can Eliminate Messiness And Leftover Paint Residue At Your Home

Paint Clean Up

Hiring a professional painter is always recommended for getting the best results possible. As experts in their trade, professional painters know exactly the best materials for every job and how to get a stunning finish without any imperfections.

That’s not to say they don’t create a mess when painting – they just know exactly how to eliminate messiness and paint residue! Here are 4 techniques used by professional painters to remove the mess and leftover paint residue:

Organize and Cover Furniture

Not everyone can remove all their furniture when decorating, and professional painters use a simple yet effective technique to eliminate all mess from furniture – organize and cover.

Simply move all furniture into the center of the room, stacking on top of each other if possible. Once firmly in place, furniture is covered with plastic sheets and taped to the floor. This prevents splashes of paint ruining any furniture, allowing for hassle-free painting.

Scraping Residue from Textured Ceilings

Textured ceilings are often a hassle when painting, even for professionals. For example, painting a straight line without accidently getting some residue on the raised sections of the ceiling is virtually impossible – there is always going to be some residue when completed.

Thankfully, there is a very effective technique for removing paint residue from ceiling bumps – scraping it away! A screwdriver works best for this, as it scrapes away paint without damaging the raised sections of the ceiling, resulting in perfect edges without any stains on the ceiling!

Scraping Rather than Taping Windows

When painting a sash window frame, professional painters once again rely on a handy scraping technique to remove residue. In fact, it’s always better to scrape a window after painting than taping it up to begin with.

The reason is quite simple – taping takes too long and paint typically ends up on the window anyway. Thankfully, scraping paint from windows is very effective and doesn’t cause any damage, providing the paint bond between the wood and glass isn’t scraped off in the process.

Most painters use a bladed scraper for carefully removing paint residue from windows.

Rubbing Alcohol for Dried Stains

Most professional painters use rubbing alcohol for removing any messiness after painting, as it’s one of the most effective substances for paint removal. In most instances, it’s applied to a cloth or rag and then rubbed into the paint residue, eventually removing it.

Suitable for almost every surface, rubbing alcohol can be used for removing dried paint stains from concrete, laminate, tiles and most other flooring materials.

Paint stripper is a type of rubbing alcohol designed specifically for this purpose, but it’s possible to use a variety of ethanol-based liquids for the same effect.

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