Before you hire a contractor for your next interior painting project, know what questions to ask.

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When hiring an interior painting contractor for your next home painting project, it is important to ask the following questions when making your selection to ensure you hire a reputable company.


1. How long has the painting company been in business?
It is always better to go with a painting company that has been in business for at least five years. This will ensure that they are not a fly-by-night contractor who will leave town before the job is even finished.


2. Do they use subcontractors?
It is important that painting companies do not use subcontractors because this can lead to unskilled and unprofessional painters working on your home. If you receive a rather low painting estimate from a company, most times the reason is because they have inexperienced workers on the job.


3. Do they offer a warranty and are they insured?
Any respectable painting contractor will provide a warranty on their work. Items covered should include labor and materials. Additionally, your painter should be fully insured when they work on your home.


4. Do they have a picture portfolio of past jobs?
It helps to see pictures to truly determine the quality of a painting contractors work. Don’t let low-quality photos fool you. Find high-quality pictures of the painter’s past work that include the staff working in the photos to make sure they aren’t using stock photography. Look for clean-cut lines in corners where there are different colors meeting and even finishes on walls.


5. What brands of paint do they use?
Be sure to use a painter who uses professional quality paint from name brand stores like Dunn -Edwards, and Sherwin-Williams. Lower quality paints can dull over time.

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