5 Spring Cleaning and Painting Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Interior paint

While many associate Spring cleaning with scrubbing the kitchens and de-cluttering bedrooms, and dusting until there’s not a spot in sight, there are other types of cleaning worth doing. One of the more overlooked aspects of a spring clean is the home’s paint.

Paint brings a home to life, giving every room depth and character that speak volumes. However, not everyone takes the time to clean their paint and stay on top of some minor maintenance. This is always worth doing, as it keeps your home looking amazing for longer – which is always the goal with spring cleaning!

Here are 5 spring cleaning and painting maintenance tips for your home:

Don’t forget to dust the walls

Dusting is big part of any spring clean, yet not many people remember to clean away dust from their walls. Don’t worry about dusting behind photos and wall decorations, as these are likely free-from dust as they cover the wall.

Dust and cobwebs greatly diminish the color of your paint, so always take the time to thoroughly clean away all the dust, paying close attention to the high spots, corners, and hard to reach areas.

Wash walls in kitchens and bathrooms

While it may be good to wash all your walls to ensure the paint looks stunning, it’s best to focus on the most problematic rooms. In this instance, it’s your kitchen and bathroom walls that likely need a good wash.

Paint on kitchen walls gets it rough because of cooking residue, so start cleaning this with soapy water. The same goes for bathroom walls, providing you don’t use tiles, which may be susceptible to mold from the high humidity produced from frequent baths and showers.

Consider washing other walls

There are cases where you want to wash other walls in the home during your spring clean. This mostly applies to rooms where a lot of smoke is produced, such as near a fireplace, while anyone that smokes may want to wash the walls too.

Check the paint before you wash

If you’re unsure if your painted walls are safe to clean, make sure to check a small spot to see how it reacts. Gloss and semi-gloss paint is fine to wash and is mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, and satin paint is usually fine too.

To check, simply wet a cloth and rub a small section of the wall. If the paint begins to appear on the cloth, it’s not safe to wash.

Touching up damaged spots

If there is a spot on your paint that is damaged, take the time to touch it up to keep the entire wall looking good. For a chip or deep scrape, sand the area down prior to painting, filling any deep holes is necessary. After this, simply touch up with some leftover paint.

Should there be troublesome stains on the paint, cover with a stain sealer and then touch up with paint to remove. When it comes to damage from water/leaking, scrape away any raised spots, sand to smoothen, and then cover with paint.

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