5 Essential, Springtime Painting Tips For Your Commercial Property

Spring Painting

The winds of winter can leave your commercial property looking dirty and drab, a complete mismatch for the gorgeous spring weather that is setting in across the Southland. Dead leaves and branches are sure to bring the curb appeal of your commercial property down… and fast. Not only can winter leave your building’s exterior paint looking shabby, it can cause maintenance issues that, if ignored, can depreciate the value of your investment.

Okay, enough of the doom and gloom, let’s talk about six ways our professional painters can step in and help. We are knowledgeable and professional and we’re ready to get your commercial property ready for spring.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

We are painters first and foremost, so you should not be surprised that our first tip is to repaint and update a chipping, fading or outdated paint job. A fresh coat of exterior paint is sure to banish the winter blahs from your commercial property and leave you feeling great about your investment. If you are considering a new exterior look, get in touch with our commercial color consultants for help with choosing paint colors.

Power Wash Winter Away

Nothing blasts away winter faster or more effectively than power washing. It literally blasts dirt, moss, and grime into oblivion and will take years off the appearance of your building’s exterior. Power washing can restore your wood, cement and exterior paint colors to their original beauty by stripping away years of fading and wear.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Banish winter for good by using a leaf blower to clean out the dead leaves, sticks and trash from the landscaping and walkways of your commercial property. Pull up any dead annuals left over from last year and replace them with colorful new ones. This simple, afternoon project will communicate to your customers and tenants that you are ready for another season of their business.

Windows That Work

Has winter left your windows grimy? Give your building’s inhabitants the gift of sunshine by cleaning them off so they reflect the light of longer spring days, allowing in some much appreciated natural light. If you have exterior trim that needs to be replaced or refinished with exterior paint, spring is a great time to address that as well.

Inviting Entryway

Nothing sets the tone for your building’s interior as much as the entryway. If the exterior paint on your front door is setting a ho-hum mood, it is time for a new exterior paint color. Be sure to choose a hue that complements your existing paint colors or company branding.

Declutter Your Roof
Sticks and moss can mess with the quality of your roof, so be sure to clean it off. Cleaning your roof ensures that your building is attractive from the outside and protected on the inside.

Give us a call today and let us spruce up your commercial property. Our professional painters will show up with painting tools and the professional painting know-how; we will not leave until your property is whistling a springtime tune.