After living in your home for a while, it’s easy to get used to what you see. And that means that after a while, it’s even easy to ignore blemishes and unsightly mistakes. Your floors could be wearing down, but you’re so used to their look that you hardly pay attention. Or your appliances are outdated, but you don’t even think about them. It might be only when someone important is coming to visit, or when you redo another part of your house, that you begin to look at the existing flaws with new eyes.

But don’t worry — this happens to everyone! And fortunately, you don’t have to get bogged down by every single thing that needs improvement; there are some simple fixes that can really improve the look of your house in dramatic ways. Take a minute now to look through your house and see what paint mistakes could easily be fixed up. Spending some time repainting in these four specific areas will brighten and spruce up your home, letting you see things with new eyes.

1. Doors

You walk through your front door every day, but do you stop and notice how it’s looking? Has the paint faded or discolored over time? Is paint chipping? Is the color outdated? Repainting your front door will give your home an instant boost of curb appeal and freshness.

Now, look at your interior doors. Are they smudged? Is the paint worn? Follow our handy guide to repaint your interior doors in 7 steps.


2. Trim

How is your interior trim looking? If it’s been a while since it was painted, chances are that it’s looking grubby — and the grubbiness is more than can be attacked with a Magic Eraser. Repainting your interior trim can give your home a beautiful fresh look.

3. Hallway

If you have small children, get down on their level and take a glance at the hallway walls. Did it make you cringe? Kids seem to think the walls are made to be handled — and frequently. Like the trim, there’s only so much you can do to clean off the grubby fingerprints. After a while, it’s simply time to repaint. Because of fading over time, it can be nearly impossible to match the exact color of your wall. Touching up typically won’t do the job properly. Repainting the entire hallway is normally the best way to go.

4. Bathroom

You may find that your bathroom needs to be repainted before the rest of your house. Why? The regular moisture, heavy use, dust, and harsher chemicals in cleaning products combine in this small space to really do a number on the paint. Luckily the space is typically smaller than the rest of the house, and so you can likely repaint the bathroom in an afternoon.

For help refreshing your home’s interior or exterior, contact All American Painting. We’ll help you love your home again.

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