4 Interior Wall Colors and What They Say About Your Personality

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4 Interior Wall Colors and What They Say About Your Personality

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, the paint color you select for your interior walls reflects your personality. Your home’s interior is a space where you spend a lot of your time. Your preferred paint colors should be the ones you will want to look at every day and feel good about.

Although the paint color you choose may seem like an unconscious decision, it could reveal a lot about your personality. Following are 4 types of interior wall colors that say a lot about one’s personality:

1. Cool Muted Color

A cool muted color on your interior walls shows that you are in touch with your natural environment. Pastel purples, light greens, and pale blues are mostly associated with outdoor elements and can create a soothing and calming atmosphere. Not only are these low-intensity colors easy on your eyes, they often also signify that you have an introspective personality. With these interior wall colors, you would probably want to spend more time alone thinking and reflecting because you would you have taken the time to create such a calming personal space.

2. Warm Muted Color

If you have selected a soft, warm color like an earthy brown or buttery yellow, you may be the kind of a person that likes to sip a cup of hot cocoa and curl up by a roaring fire to unwind. These shades tell that you likely have an upbeat and optimistic personality and are liked by most people. People who go with warm interior wall colors have a tendency to be kind and friendly; they love spending time with friends.

3. Bright Color

You are a creative and outgoing type of person if you have chosen vibrant and bright colors to decorate your interior walls. Most people who paint energetic and bright colors on their interior walls are the ones who want to find a source of inspiration. As the extroverted type that thrives on the world around you, selecting bright paint colors can help keep energy levels high and stimulate your personality.

4. Neutral Color

If you have chosen a neutral color for your interior walls it doesn’t mean that you are devoid in personality. Decorating with cream, gray, beige, or brown colored paint could indicate that you are practical and easy-going because you have selected a classic color that can stand the test of time. A neutral color also reflects that you are a savvy decorator who knows that using such wall colors as a backdrop provide the opportunity to decorate with pops of shades, such as red color for your lamps or bright orange curtains, etc.


No matter whether you are a calm or introverted person or you have an outgoing and social personality, painting is the best way to express your characteristics and complement the qualities that make you tick. Remember that nothing can go wrong when it comes to interior design. Choose the colors for your interior walls that invoke pleasant emotions that help you feel your best in your home.

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