4 Advantages of Resurfacing Cabinets Instead of Buying New Ones


Cabinets with a drab appearance can easily detract from the overall décor of rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. You could even take the time to replace, repair, and redecorate the space yet the sight of old cabinets will still look unsightly.

Of course, the logical step to take here is to simply replace your cabinets with brand-new ones, but you could also choose to resurface your cabinets too – which may provide you with plenty of advantages as opposed to buying!

1. Lower costs

Perhaps the most obvious reason for resurfacing cabinets is the money you can expect to save. Kitchen cabinets are especially expensive, so you may be looking at quite a steep expense should you choose to replace, which is why many opt to resurface instead.

However, be mindful that resurfacing will still cost you some money, as there are materials that need to be purchased to complete the job. With that being said, you can still expect resurfacing your cabinets to cost at least 50 percent less than replacing, or even less if you plan on using just paint.

2. Eco-friendly

By avoiding a complete replacement of your cabinets, you are avoiding sending old cabinets to a landfill site while also saving a few trees in the process. While this may seem minor, it’s important to remember that many cabinets contain MDF, a material that often contains formaldehyde – a highly hazardous chemical.

3. Easier to resurface than replace

As resurfacing mostly involves removing cabinet doors to resurface them, you can expect the process to take a fraction of the time that a full replacement would. Cabinet doors and drawers are removed, treated, and then resurfaced, all of which takes a few days.

Better still, if you simply want to resurface your cabinets using paint, it will take even less time and effort.

Conversely, replacing the cabinets will likely take far longer. For example, the old cabinets have to be removed (along with all their contents), while the new cabinets need to get built and installed, which will take even longer if you are changing the layout of the cabinet.

4. You get to keep your kitchen layout

Most people that resurface their cabinets are more than happy with their current kitchen setup as they’re looking for a quick and easy way to freshen things up. Not only would a new kitchen cost more and take longer to complete, it would likely result in a new layout.

Resurfacing allows you to keep your kitchen fully intact while also enjoying a brand-new look. It’s a simple yet effective way to transform your kitchen without worrying about a new layout and how well you like it – which often occurs once a new kitchen is installed!

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