3 Beautiful Paint Combinations for Your Kitchen

Oftentimes, the hub and heart of a home is found in the kitchen. All of the family members are in and out of the kitchen all day, so it makes sense that this would be a room that you want to look and feel the very best. But before you commit to some interior house paint, you’ll need to ask yourself: how should my kitchen feel? Believe it or not, paint color can influence how a room makes you feel. Be sure to choose colors that work for you!

Choosing the Best Paint Colors

Our professional painters are here with some options for your kitchen project. We take pride in staying up-to-date with all of the trends and techniques, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality paint job that will last. It can also be the stuff of your Pinterest-board dreams, if you so choose.  Of course, if you’d like to ask more questions or talk about specifics as they relate to your kitchen, contact us for a free quote today!

Calming Home Paint Colors

If you need your kitchen to be a place of peace and rest, consider using cool colors paired with warm woods. Warm woods are generally lighter in color to allow them to complement the cooler paint colors. Cool paint colors include light sages, deep blues, and heavy cream.

Warmer Paint Shades

If you’re hoping for your kitchen to be a cozy place that is friendly and inviting, you may want to opt for warm colors. For a quality painting job that will make your kitchen your family’s hub, we recommend light gold or brown colors. Both will create the environment you’re hoping for. Additionally, these colors can be used as accent or backsplash colors against an otherwise neutral palette.

Neutrals and White Paint

Of course, neutral colors are great for every room, and the kitchen is no exception! A clean neutral palette with whites or grays can help your kitchen look modern while opening up the possibility of fun accent pieces, like a shiny stand mixer in your favorite color. And of course, our residential painting contractors will make the entire project a breeze once you’ve decided on a color.

With all of the options available to paint your home, why should you choose All American Painting? It’s simple: we want the very best for you. All of our painters are highly skilled and constantly working to improve and sharpen their skills. We are familiar with the latest trends and patterns so you are getting the most on-trend painting services. Additionally, we always work to stay within your budget and complete your project by the agreed-upon time.

We know how important your home is and we want to keep things running smoothly, even during the painting process. Be sure to check out some of our project posts to see how much of a difference our home transformations can make! Give us a call or email us today. We can’t wait to work for you.

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