2018 Paint Color Forecast: High Fashion Comes Home!

Paint Color

Next year’s “hot” paint color palette is taking a cue from couture: The same highly saturated hues recently seen on fashion runways in Milan are expected to bedeck the most fashionable home interiors in 2018.

The coming interior color splash will involve nearly every part of the spectrum, but with a unifying element: Color will be deep, dark and bold, in stark contrast to the soft grays and pale neutrals so popular the past several years.

Like the fabric colors that were evident in Milan, the 2018 paint palette will draw inspiration from nature’s bounty, featuring colors evocative of luxuriant spices, succulent fruits, and sumptuous vegetables – a true feast for the eyes.

Consider the popular new hues in the yellow family as an example. Canary and other “plain” colors will be passé. The hot new hues trend toward yellow-orange, in rich concoctions reminiscent of ginger, curry, and mustard. (Prefer more orange yet? A new color called “papaya” is also ripe for your picking.)

An array of stylish blues also holds allure for indoor spaces. Topping the list is Klein blue, a deep shade akin to ultramarine. Hopes are also high for exotic natural shades such as eggplant and grape-skin purple.

Various greens will make an entrance as popular options next year — not “pure” green, but rather, an appealing collection of sophisticated shades running the gamut from deep celery to avocado. Watch for these to be paired in colorful ensembles with one or more of the exotic yellows.

Bright accent colors will add some “bling” to interiors – possibly in the form of trim paint color, but also by way of a wide variety of accessories, ranging from pillows to porcelain to fine paintings. Some of the trendiest color options will contain hints of red, most notably, standout shades like fuchsia and lavender.

Typically, when it comes to color, what happens in Milan doesn’t stay in Milan – at least, not for long. The top fashion shows often put trends in motion that appeal to design sensibilities across the board . . . and across the ocean.

Here in the U.S., it appears that consumers are primed for the new “fashion” colors when it comes to paint, at least judging from the results of PQI’s latest nationwide survey of do-it-yourself painters: An overwhelming number say they plan to use darker, more dramatic wall color on their next interior painting project.

If you’re among those who are looking to introduce some stylish new paint color into your special space, be sure to take note of the beautiful new shades unveiled in this year’s fashion collections. They’re a reliable indicator of what will soon be in vogue in the home!