2017 Paint Color Forecast: Gray Interiors Are Here to Stay

Interior Paint

Designers expect that gray, in its many variations, will once again be the top color choice for all types of interiors next year — in homes, elegant office settings, and just about everywhere else.

Versatility lies at the heart of designers’ love affair with gray. The color is beautiful in its own right, but gray is so neutral that it can work alongside other soft tints or serve as a foil for a range of brilliant accent colors.

One reason gray is so versatile is that it is neither a stark primary color, nor merely a simple combination of black and white. Rather, “gray” refers to a family of complex grayish colors that often contain hints of blue, yellow, red, green, or still another hue.

Subtle tinting is what enables grays to work well with such a wide range of complementary and contrasting colors. As an example, gray paints that contain a little yellow pigment work well with beige, gold, or brown, while those containing red pigment coordinate beautifully with purple or burgundy.

Blue-grays paired with beiges or off-whites create a neutral color scheme that is both classic and calming. Similar results can be achieved with yellow-grays. Meanwhile, green- or red-leaning grays often appear more sophisticated.

Grays are also practical. They work with so many different colors that it’s easy to change the appearance of a room or space just by repainting an accent wall in a different hue… or, even easier, incorporating an impactful “punch” color through the addition of accent pieces like paintings, pillows, or pottery.

If you want to use gray as the dominant color in a room, it’s best to start by selecting an attractive gray paint for the walls; then ask the counterperson to show you the paint’s color formula so you can see the pigment colors it contains. Work with these hues for ideal color-compatibility when painting the trim or an accent wall, even when buying furnishings.

Using the color ‘clues’ hidden in the paint formula will help you put together a beautifully color-coordinated interior. But most grays are so neutral that they’ll work with almost any hue. Again, that’s the beauty of gray: It’s nearly impossible to go wrong when using it as the foundation for your color scheme.

So, if you got on board with gray last year, rest easy. Your home is still trés chic. And, if you’re late to the party, take heart: It’s still not too late to “go gray”! Contact us today