12 Reasons Why Top Quality Paint Is Worth the Money

Quality Paint

If you’re tempted to save a few dollars by trading down to a lower quality interior paint, it’s important to know what you’re giving up in the process. Here are 12 reasons top quality 100% acrylic latex interior paints are worth the money:

  • Better adhesion. The superior “binder” in these paints helps them grip any surface.
  • Better hiding capability. Top quality paints can often conceal the color below in fewer coats, saving the time and money needed to apply additional coats of paint.
  • Better spatter resistance. These paints are less likely to throw off flecks of paint while you’re applying them.
  • Better flow and leveling. Top quality paints go on evenly; brush and roller marks tend to flow out and become unnoticeable.
  • Better touch-up. If you have to touch up your paint job at a later date, it won’t be noticeable when using a top quality paint.
  • Better stain resistance. These paints tend to keep dirt and grime from sinking in, making for easy cleaning.
  • Better scrub resistance. Even if you have to scrub hard to remove a stubborn stain, top quality paint is tough enough to take the scrubbing without damaging the surface of the paint.
  • Better burnish resistance. Lower quality paints get shiny when they’re scrubbed; top quality paints have less of a tendency to do so.
  • Better block resistance. Ever notice how it’s hard to open a window after it’s been painted? Top quality paints are less susceptible to sticking.
  • Better print resistance. Windowsills and other face-up surfaces can be imprinted when objects are placed on them. When painting horizontal surfaces, use of a top quality paint in an eggshell (rather than a glossier) sheen will minimize this problem.
  • Better mildew resistance. If you don’t like mildew, don’t compromise on paint quality.
  • Better fade resistance. You’ll probably sweat bullets choosing just the right paint color. Make sure your color lasts by using a fade-resistant top quality 100% acrylic latex interior paint.